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Importance of Completing your Census

Are we really ready to give up half our federal funding and two congressional representatives? That’s what could happen if our census numbers remain where they are now.

➡️ Completing your census is as crucial as voting. If you haven’t completed your census, visit right now. If and when you have completed the census, can I ask you to please help me spread the word? Our next ten years are at stake here.

Reopening of New York City Public Schools

🚫 The three unions representing principals, teachers and 23,000 additional staffers have all called on the mayor to delay the reopening of New York City public schools until better safety protocols can be put in place.

🤔 As UFT President Michael Mulgrew said last week, “Will any parents be willing to put their children in a school whose principal believes the building is not ready to open because it is not safe?”

💬 As an educator myself, I have grave concerns about the mayor’s plans to reopen schools in early September. What do YOU think?

Complete your Census

👉🏽 Did you know — it just takes ten minutes to make a difference in your neighborhood? Completing the census ensures we receive the funding we deserve for health care, infrastructure and more. And if you’ve already filled it out — take a minute to share this post with your family, friends and neighbors.

👉🏽 Ten minutes can help shape the our next ten years! #shapeyourfuture

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