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More than ever, the North Shore needs a leader who can bring our community together. As a native Staten Islander who has been giving back to my community for the past three decades, I will be a principled advocate for the most challenging issues facing the North Shore today.

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NYC Resident? with matching funds, your $100 contribution can be worth $900


Troy McGhie

Candidate Troy McGhie is running for the 49th Council District where he has resided most of his life.

Troy was raised in a single parent household where he was taught an early age how to get things done.  His mother, an educator and champion for the developmentally disabled, instilled in him the importance of compassion and demonstrated the communication, organizational and leadership skills that he applies in his personal and professional life today.

Troy has been a teacher with the Department of Education for over 20 years, supporting students with disabilities and general education students alike.  He has also had the privilege of impacting the youth of Staten Island as a High School basketball coach for over two decades, bringing teams that he led to the Staten Island High School League and New York City PSAL championships.  For the past two years, Troy has served as a volunteer for the Staten Island “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative which seeks to eliminate opportunity gaps for young men of color through skills building and mentorship.

In 2012, Troy began serving as a part-time Community Liaison for the City Council where he supports his North Shore community while gaining a solid understanding of the complexities of the job of a council member.

Troy is a graduate of St. Peter’s High School, Stony Brook University and the College of Staten Island’s Master’s in Education program.  In addition to playing basketball throughout his High School and College career, Troy was involved with music and arts, playing trumpet in the Big Apple and Staten Island Community Bands, participating in the St. Peter’s musicals and forming his own vocal quintet.  As an adult, Troy sang with the St. Mary’s Choir and continues to support the arts on the sidelines by attending local music and theater venues.

Troy’s diverse personal and professional experiences have inspired him to take the next step in his already robust public service career.  He cares deeply about the community in which he lives and will work tirelessly to address the needs of all constituents in the 49th District.  Now, more than ever, the North Shore of Staten Island needs of a leader who can bring communities together. Troy will make it a priority to develop and strengthen relationships between the unique and varied neighborhoods which he will serve.  His legislative agenda will focus on education, health and community issues.

Troy resides in the New Brighton section of Staten Island with his wife and two sons where he has owned his home for the past 27 years.


So that all young people are afforded the opportunity to reach their highest potential, I will work tirelessly to ensure every student not only has access to rigorous programs but also feels a sense of belonging within those settings. Beginning with our youngest learners, I intend to focus resources on initiatives that will address the needs of the whole child and foster self-actualization.
All young people deserve the ability to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. I am committed to seeing that all schools have a positive learning atmosphere so that students feel welcomed, safe and supported. Working with education leadership, I will promote common-sense alternatives to suspensions that are in line with programs such as restorative circles, Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) and Therapeutic Crisis Interventions for Schools (TCIS) de-escalation practices. Ensuring that students remain engaged in the learning process while having them take ownership of their actions is key to improving the climate and culture of our schools.
The time is now to prepare our young people for the many career opportunities that will become available over the next few decades. As an educator, I know first-hand the importance of teaching for the future. As your Councilman, I will work with local education, community and business leaders to develop and support initiatives that prepare students for 21st century careers and focus funding on efforts that give youth the opportunity to balance in-school learning with programs that build skills and create internship opportunities.


Reducing health disparities and improving access to high-quality healthcare for my community is a focal point of my campaign. For far too long, the North Shore of Staten Island has been neglected when it comes to the availability of quality health care. Portions of the North Shore are miles away from the nearest hospital and have few medical resources in their neighborhood. As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, many residents are poorly connected to a medical provider and are challenged by cultural and language barriers. As your Councilman, I will fight for long-deserved funding and resources that give patients the care that they need, how, when and where they need it.
Unaddressed mental health issues are a current and constant challenge for many North Shore residents. Now, more than ever, our community needs to tackle the problem of inadequate mental health services. As your Councilman, I will fight for the funding and resources necessary to strengthen our behavioral health infrastructure and work with stakeholders to link constituents to these resources, ensuring adequate mental health care for all North Shore residents.

Recognizing the current challenges of budgetary constraints, it is of the utmost importance that our community resources are fully recognized and utilized. Campaigns designed to bring awareness about health and wellness initiatives will ensure community members can take full advantage of what is being offered in their neighborhoods. I will support programs and organizations which look to raise funding and ensure that systems are integrated so that all health and wellness programs are strategically utilized in an effort to build a healthier North Shore.


Although we are a diverse and complex collection of neighborhoods, North Shore residents have many things in common. We all want our trash picked up on time, our potholes fixed, our sidewalks level and our snow removed in a timely fashion. Whether you are from Mariners Harbor, West Brighton, Rosebank or any community in between, I will ensure that your voice is heard. My work as a Community Liaison with the City Council has given me a unique understanding about the importance of these quality of life issues. I will make sure that when my office is called your concerns are acknowledged and that problems are addressed. Feedback and follow-up are important to me and I will make sure that my constituents know that. For me, the commitment to provide constituent services is more than a campaign promise, it will be at the heart of my Council service.
The rising cost of housing on the North Shore has begun to force out hard- working families, seniors on fixed incomes, and young professionals. As this trend continues to grow, the North Shore needs a leader who will fight tirelessly to ensure that North Shore residents can continue to live in the neighborhoods they grew up in and love. New development must provide space for low and middle-income families and more support systems need to be put in place to make first- time homeownership a reality. As your Councilman, I will support sensible economic growth across the North Shore and be that strong voice that ensures housing for all is available in our community.
The North Shore of Staten Island has seen tremendous change over the past 10 years, bringing with it many opportunities but also many challenges. While development of our waterfront and other areas should be encouraged, I will fight to make sure development is responsible, meets the needs of our residents, and maintains our hometown feel. Strong leadership can provide the support for development and preservation to coexist. I will listen to the voices of community members, support business and civic associations and fight at every level to ensure development is done with a common-sense approach.

City Council 2021

City Council 2021 | District 49

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Meet Your Candidate: Troy McGhie

More than ever, the Staten Island needs a leader who can bring our community together. As a native Staten Islander who has been giving back to my community for the past three decades, I will be a principled advocate for the most challenging issues facing the North Shore today

News & Events

Meet Your Candidate
Troy McGhie

Meet Your Candidate: Troy McGhie

More than ever, the Staten Island needs a leader who can bring our community together. As a native Staten Islander who has been giving back to my community for the past three decades, I will be a principled advocate for the most challenging issues facing the North Shore today

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